Powering Zero Emissions Agriculture

A partnership between the New Zealand government and major agribusiness companies - we're helping farmers reduce emissions while maintaining profitability and productivity.

Why we exist

We're accelerating the creation of tools to rapidly reduce emissions

New Zealand farmers are highly efficient, but they are facing unprecedented global pressure to reduce emissions. Our partnership was set up to deliver a step change in investment to drive a focus on game-changing emissions reduction solutions to help farmers reduce emissions and maintain their competitive edge.

We’re fast-tracking emissions reduction tools that will work on New Zealand’s pasture-based farms. We’re taking calculated risks and significantly scaling-up efforts made to date. Our success will secure the future profitability and competitiveness of our exports and ensure the ongoing prosperity of our agricultural sector.

How we're taking action

Identify, invest, inform and accelerate



Deliver system-wide funding and unblock constraints for broader impact whilst supporting an adequate pipeline of R&D and prioritised testing to enable the development and commercialisation of new technologies for uptake on-farm.



Provide navigation and acceleration support, investing capital and capability, and fostering connections, to enable local and global ventures to be more successful in New Zealand and internationally.


Strategy & Engagement

Identify and assess emerging trends, develop global partnerships, agitate need for change and provide input into local research strategy and government regulatory settings.

The challenge

Reducing agricultural emissions, not profits

Agriculture is the backbone of the New Zealand economy and Kiwi farmers are some of the most efficient producers of meat and milk in the world - but the importance of reducing agricultural emissions cannot be understated.

Global customers are setting ambitious targets through their supply chain putting critical market access and export revenue at risk.

We’re working to get emissions reduction tools into farmers’ hands sooner - to help them meet these targets and protect trade agreements, while maintaining profitability, and lead the world in near-zero pasture-based farming.

Defining success

Equitable access for all farmers

Our ambition is to ensure all farmers in Aotearoa New Zealand have equitable access to affordable, effective solutions to reduce biogenic methane and nitrous oxide emissions, with a goal of supporting a 30% reduction by 2030 and enabling development and adoption of solutions to drive towards ‘near zero’ by 2040.

Through this we will enhance the value and competitiveness of the agriculture industry in New Zealand on the global stage, while recognising the importance of intergenerational stewardship, kaitiakitanga, of the land.

Our unique partnership

Who's involved

50% owned by government | 50% owned by industry

Our shareholders have made a long-term commitment to this partnership, pooling funds to deliver a step change in investment and achieve our ambition.

We are part of the Centre for Climate Action on Agricultural Emissions, working alongside the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre.

Strategic Partner

New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Logo


Our guiding whakataukī

Ehara tāku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini

My strength is not as an individual, but as a collective

Together, with our ambition and advocacy for groundbreaking agritech, we will meet global customer demands, maintain market access and support New Zealand's climate goals.

Our recent investments

Supporting others in working towards a shared goal


US startup developing a methane vaccine for ruminant animals, with an innovative approach and initial focus on cattle.


An agriculture biotech company founded in New Zealand utilising ultraviolet (UV) light to develop a low-emissions farm pasture with increased productivity gains.

Hoofprint Biome Inc

Lead investor in this US startup developing probiotics and natural enzymes aimed at reducing methane emissions by up to 80% while improving cow health. 


We’re forging a path towards a future where innovation and environmental stewardship thrive hand in hand.

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