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AgriZeroNZ is a world-first partnership between agribusiness and the government, a catalyst and investment fund, with an ambition to reduce agricultural emissions by 30% by 2030.

Who we are

We're accelerating the creation of tools to rapidly reduce on‑farm emissions

AgriZeroNZ is unique because of the breadth of its sector expertise and commercial focus. We’re focusing on investment in tools that will work on New Zealand’s pasture-based farms, we’re taking calculated risks and significantly scaling-up efforts made to date by Kiwi farmers.

Our role is to help take the pressure off Kiwi farmers by ensuring they have equitable access to affordable and effective tools and technology to cut their methane and nitrous oxide emissions, while maintaining efficiency, production and profitability.

How we're doing it

Identify, invest, inform and accelerate

  • Catalyst fund

    Deliver system-wide funding and unblock critical constraints for broader impact whilst creating an adequate pipeline of R&D and prioritised testing, ensuring enough solutions make it through the innovation cycle at pace.

  • Ventures

    Provide navigation and acceleration support for commercial ventures, investing both capital and capability, and fostering connections, to enable local and global ventures to be more successful in NZ.

  • Strategy and engagement

    Identify and assess emerging trends, develop global partnerships, and provide input into local research strategy and Government regulatory/policy.

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The challenge

Maintaining farm productivity while reducing emissions

Almost half of Aotearoa’s greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture, which makes up 75% of our goods exports. Since agriculture is the backbone of our economy, the importance of reducing emissions in agriculture cannot be understated. Our global customers are setting ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets, and if we can’t meet these targets, export revenue that has underpinned our living standards will be under threat.

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Defining success

Equitable access for farmers

Our ambition is to ensure all farmers in Aotearoa have equitable access to affordable, effective solutions to reduce biogenic methane and nitrous oxides emissions, with a goal of supporting a 30% reduction by 2030 and enabling development and adoption of solutions to drive towards ‘near zero’ by 2040.

Through this we will enhance the value and competitiveness of the agriculture industry in NZ on the global stage, while recognising the importance of intergenerational stewardship, kaitiakitanga, of the land.


The JV

Who's involved

The Government is a 50% shareholder, in partnership with ANZCO Foods, Fonterra, Rabobank, Ravensdown, Silver Fern Farms and Synlait. Our shareholders are some of the largest players in NZ agribusiness and bring some real clout, with access to the vast majority of New Zealand’s farms.

We are part of the Centre for Climate Action on Agricultural Emissions alongside the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre.




Our guiding whakatauki

Ehara tāku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini

My strength is not as an individual, but as a collective

Together, with our ambition and advocacy for groundbreaking agritech, we will help New Zealand achieve its emissions targets and lead the worldwide advancement of near-zero pasture-based farming.

Our team

We’re committed to
making a difference

We’re Committed to Making a Difference

Wayne McNee

Chief Executive

Sarah Judkins

Chief Operating Officer

Thomas Davis

Chief Financial Officer

Ruth Leary

Head of Strategy & Engagement

David Macdonald

Head of Ventures

Deborah Roche

Head of Catalyst

Ashleigh Sattler

Head of Communications

Rachelle Linwood

Regulatory Strategy Manager

Aashay Shay

Ventures Analyst

Devan DuToit

Delivery Unit Manager

Tsasha Russek

Executive Assistant


AgriZeroNZ is forging a path towards a future where innovation and environmental stewardship thrive hand in hand. Together, we can empower Kiwi farmers to lead the way in sustainable pasture-based farming and a brighter, more sustainable future for our land, our communities, and the generations to come.

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